Our Values

Our Values

We believe that empowerment and innovation can bring us as a country, together, to the brighter side of life. At Pride, we encourage women empowerment. Over the years, we have built a company that is today like our family. Our facility is led by a 60+ strong force of skilled women engineers, craftsmen and employees who together with the rest of teams, hold the company’s credibility, up high . Our value-supply chain is entirely dependent on our skilled team’s keen eye for precision in design, quality control and smooth systems to ensure satisfied clientele. We believe in establishing long term associations with our clients based on trust, uncompromised quality and continued service support

Our Culture

Our strength is based on integrity, honesty, commitment, product innovation, quality assurance and after sales service support . Our values and culture are an integral part of what we are, what we stand for and what we provide to our stakeholders, with all business transparency . We imbibe our culture not only in our product quality and deliveries but also model them into our daily business and operational ethics. 

Environment & Sustainability

At Pride, social and environmental  responsibility is a prime consideration while evaluating our operations. Our manufacturing processes are aimed at value chain transparency, reduced waste generation and low energy consumption. We invest great intelligence and innovative solutions for ensuring a better tomorrow – for you, for us and our planet . Saving energy is a matter of global concern. Our product range, right from our general street lighting installations to aesthetic outdoor garden solar lights, are built to run on solar energy. . We develop our products keeping in mind, a bright future