Partner With Us

At Pride we provide professional and bespoke lighting solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor residential, commercial, architectural, institutional and industrial projects. We offer an innovative design range of architectural lighting fixtures. Our Industrial and General LED Lighting range serve high operational utility and brightness for all types of  factories, warehouses, storage locations and other industrial facilities. Our modern and aesthetically designed range of residential interior lighting, is built to enhance the ambience and beauty of homes. Because a home is a feeling, it is a mood and it’s lighting matters. Our range of commercial lighting is an ideal fit for malls, showrooms, offices, studio’s,  retail fronts, stores and the like. General Lighting Range is best suited for broad spectrum indoor institutional projects such as hospitals, schools and outdoor areas like parking lots, basements and driveways . We undertake contract lighting services for outdoor projects such as roadways,highways, streetways, billboards,airports, gardens, parks, stadiums and other open general public spaces that require cost effect and bright lighting solutions.We partner with you on every step of the project development process to ensure your space is illuminated to match your need.


Understanding your requirements -

We initiate the process by understanding the lighting requirement of the project in terms of ambience, aesthetics, brightness, visual depth and other such parameters, keeping in cost effectiveness and prompt timelines


Bespoke Lighting Solutions-

Our team will provide the best in class, suitable fit LED lighting fixtures and luminaires based on your requirement
We can be a consulting partner throughout the project development journey or simply provide the fixtures for installation, all our services are flexible to suit your need


Prompt Deliveries -

Once the project lighting solutions have been determined, we will dispatch the LED fixtures to you, upon timelines as pre fixed between us, so you can be rest assured of timely completions


Continued Service Support -

We will provide you with details for you to get back to us for any assistance service or product related that may be required from time to time