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Pride’s Colorful lighting is a smart choice of people that instantly changes your mood and gives you some joyful and memorable moments. Pride comes up with some vibrant colorful LED Panels that can be used as bright white general lighting solution; and also can be instantly switched to the red, green, blue or pink as per your own choice to give you unique experience at your home or office. These demanding panels are designed using quality material and at a cut edge technology to set industry standards.

Wattage : 6W / 9W / 16W
Color : WH+BL / RD / GR / PINK / PGB
Cutout (Recess) : 6W – 75mm x 75mm / 9W – 100mm x 100mm  / 16W – 150mm x 150mm
Outer (Recess) : 6W – 100mm x 100mm / 9W – 125mm x 125mm  / 16W – 175mm x 175mm
Height (Recess) : 25mm (6W / 9W / 16W)
Outer (Surface) : 6W – 100mm x 100mm / 9W – 125mm x 125mm  / 16W – 175mm x 175mm
Height (Surface) : 30mm (6W / 9W / 16W)
Shape : Square / Round
Warranty : 2 Years
Mount Type : Recess / Surface
Voltage : 100-250 Volts
Lumens : 100 Lumens per watt
Body : Material Aluminum



  • Slimmest aesthetics of the panels suits modern interior styling.
  • Smartly transforms the beauty of your space.
  • Saves your money over the expensive electricity bills.
  • A unique replace for conventional panels lighting.
  • Anti glare brighter illumination, Good for the eyes


  • 100 – 250 Volts with 100 Lumens Lighting Output.
  • 2 years warranty from date of invoice.
  • Pressure die cast aluminum housing.
  • Play with different colors in your bedrooms, offices, etc.


Well suitable for homes, offices, cafes, retails shops.

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  1. Abdul Mateen

    Excellent product

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