Aesthetically beautified Radiant Flood Light is functionally viable and ideal for buildings, backyards, parks, signs, sports fields, and other general applications where flood lighting may come into use. Also suitable for accent, façade, landscape, parking lot, pathway, recreation, retail and security lighting.

Power : 30W / 100W / 150W / 200W
Color : WW / WH / RD / GR / BL
Warranty : 2 Years
IP Rating : IP65
Voltage : 100-250 Volts
Lumens : 100 Lumens per watt
Body : Material Aluminum



  • Smartly transforms the beauty of your space.
  • Saves your money over the expensive electricity bills.
  • Anti glare brighter illumination, Good for the eyes.
  • High Brightness | Pressure Die Cast Aluminum | Used for Sports Fields and Gardens | IP65


  • 100 – 250 Volts with 100 Lumens Lighting Output.
  • 2 years warranty from date of invoice.
  • Low heat generating, No UV or IR light radiation.
  • Low power consumption, less heat produced and energy saving.


Well suitable for Best Used in Construction Sites, Used for Sports Fields and Gardens, Widely used Outdoors.


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